Goddess Association in Australia Inc

GAIA Inc ... Host of the Australian Goddess Conference

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Mikailah shares her great love of the 'Wild Woman’s Way' through creative ritual, evocative storytelling, and the sacred movement of Mother Earth the Moon & Stars. She is a ‘Wisdom Keeper of Women’s Mysteries’ and features throughout Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand, facilitating these potent workshops & courses.

The Wise Woman's 13 Moon program is designed to support all women in remembering their natural, instinctual Wise Woman and reconnect with Self through direct 'experiential' connection to HER. Deep celebration of the wild & untamed yet mysterious Feminine. Come and join us....

Venue: Mt Tamborine
Investment: $650 (13x monthly $50 instalments) Payment options are available.
For more information please contact Mikailah


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