Goddess Association in Australia Inc

GAIA Inc ... Host of the Australian Goddess Conference

Developed in conjunction with Eco-Joom.com

Gather in the Womb of the Red Tent to experience the New Moon and her energies during this 'power period'. Come journey together as we create a loving, supportive space and enjoy sacred ceremony, divination, astrology, healing, meditation, initiating ourselves into the deeper meaning of Women's Power, and the Sacred Self.

Become a Moon Goddess:
Attuning yourself to the lunar cycle is the easiest way to reconnect with & empower your feminine sense of Self. Great for women of all ages, especially those wanting to increase their fertility, develop their psychic gifts & wisdom or do something that truly nourishes you on a soul level once a month!

***Special Offer - Your first circle free ***
Dates: contact Zora
Cost: $25 & a plate of food to share
Facebook: Temple of the Morning Star
RSVP: Zora / Mobile: 0415 583 411

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