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Australian GODDESS Conference 2014 

24-26 October

Baden Powell Scout Centre

Pennant Hills, Sydney

The Wellspring  

lucypierce sm

~ a place of community gathering ~ a place to explore our wise ways ~ a place of movement and expression ~ a place of celebrating the receptive waters of woman and the moon ~ a place to share how we can preserve our sacred Earths waters. 

~ a place of creativity and fun, of learning and sharing of experiences and knowledge ~ a place to be embraced and nourished with the wisdom of the Primordial Mothers 

A resting place exploring the way in which we as women carry all of life within us and how the deep rest that is to be found in nature dwells within our very beings.

In the dark of the moon let us gather and open to the wisdom of the Primordial Mothers

Women keep the cycles of the earth and oceans deep within our bodies. We have long been the keepers of the sacred Earth, her infinite wisdom and guardians of her secrets.

‘The Wellspring’ invites you to step into your wise ways.

It asks you to consider how life might be different if you were held in the embrace of the Primordial Mothers connecting with their reflective still waters and their eternal flow of wisdom …



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