The Goddess Within – women’s retreats

The enlightened master Lao Tzu once wrote that Every journey begins with a single step and we here at Goddess Association are proud to take this first step of what we know will be an exciting and inspired journey.

Since you are here reading this article, we would like to take this moment to welcome you on this journey too. You are in fact why we created this blog. We know that may seem strange to hear but its true. We have a passion for spiritual and conscious living that we wish to share with the world. You have an interest in learning more about this way of life and are wishing to connect with others who feel the same way. And so here we are! We are devoted to empowering women in the sexual journey to health – we carry a range of sexual health products to help liberate women in today’s world.

This planet is an intricate system of beautiful synchronicity and interconnectedness with every being playing an integral part in the direction it takes. Your presence and relationship with the world around you is, simply put, monumental and knowing that fact can be a little overwhelming sometimes.

But lucky for you that is where we come in! You can think of us as your support team as you embrace conscious living and the greater universal truth that we are all One. Join us on a trip to Bali for a women’s spiritual retreat.